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Parking & Transportation Special Event Parking Request Form

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Guidelines for your parking requests:

1. To provide parking for groups of five or more, complete and submit the request form below at least ten days prior to your event.
2. The Special Events Coordinator will confirm the event with you and provide instructions on payment and pick-up of exit coupons or event permits.
3. VCU Parking and Transportation Services require prepayment by credit card for all transactions less than $500. Those University departments whose transaction exceeds $500 may prepare a journal voucher in Banner for the amount due. The journal voucher is initiated by the requesting department prior to receiving the exit coupons.
4. For events requesting 200 or more parking spaces, VCU Parking and Transportation Services require at least one VCU Enforcement and Safety Officer be on site. In the event that over 500 spaces are reserved, at least two Officers are necessary. Additional Officers are available upon request. There is a $20 per hour charge for each VCU Enforcement and Safety Officer.
5. Overnight parking requests are handled separately. Please contact the Special Events Coordinator for more information.
6. Guests without a VCU Parking and Transportation Services exit coupon, an authorized VCU parking permit, or event permit, will be charged the daily rate.

The Special Events Coordinator can be reached at (804) 827-3400.
Thank you for letting VCU Parking and Transportation Services ease your parking woes!

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Last Reviewed: October 24, 2013