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Monroe Park Campus Parking Facility Status


Last Update:   1/9/2018 12:19:16 PM

Open=Parking facility open and most spaces available.
Caution=Parking facility will be cleared soon. However, proceed to alternate location.
Closed=Parking facility closed. Proceed to alternate location.

Lot Location Status Alternate
AA Lot 817 W. Broad St. OPEN
AR Lot 663 N. Harrison St. OPEN
AR Lot Ext 673 N. Harrison St OPEN
BB Lot 925 W. Grace St. OPEN
BC Lot 114 W. Canal St. OPEN
Belvidere Housing Deck 711 West Marshall St OPEN
BL Lot 101 & 131 W. Cary St. OPEN
Bowe St. Deck 609 Bowe St. OPEN
DD Lot 1000 W. Franklin St. OPEN
EE Lot 601 W. Grace St. OPEN
FF Lot 104 N Morris St OPEN
FS Lot Hibbs Bldg. Alley OPEN
GG Lot 811 Cathedral OPEN
GY Lot 810 W. Franklin St. OPEN
HB Lot 1201 W. Broad St. OPEN
Henry Street Deck East 201 Henry Street OPEN
Henry Street Deck West 200 Henry Street OPEN
HH Lot 928 W. Grace St. OPEN
IT Lot 705 W. Broad St OPEN
Jefferson St. Deck 100 S. Jefferson St. OPEN
JJ Lot 325 N. Harrison St. OPEN
JL Lot 200 W. Cary St. OPEN
Laurel Street Deck 805 W. Grace Street OPEN
OO Lot 920 W. Franklin St. OPEN
PH Lot 910 W. Franklin St. OPEN
PL Lot 900 W. Franklin St. OPEN
RR Lot 324 N Harrison St OPEN
SC Lot 415 W. Broad St. CLOSED
SP Lot 1400 W. Broad St. OPEN
SS Lot Green Alley Cumberland St. OPEN
ST Lot 909 W. Franklin St. OPEN
TT Lot 1301 Floyd Ave OPEN
UU Lot 1200 W. Broad St. OPEN
VV Lot 101 N. Harrison St. OPEN
WC Lot 9 W. Cary Street OPEN
West Broad St. Deck 1111 W. Broad St. OPEN
West Cary St. Deck 1201 W. Cary Street OPEN
West Main St. Deck 801 W. Main St. OPEN
WW Lot 610-620 N. Lombardy St. OPEN
YY Lot 907 West Marshall St OPEN
ZZ Lot 620 W. Cary St. OPEN

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