VCU Medical Center Parking Facility Status


Last Update:   1/9/2018 12:19:16 PM

=Parking facility open and most spaces available.
=Parking facility will be cleared soon. However, proceed to alternate location.
=Parking facility closed. Proceed to alternate location.

Lot Location Status Alternate
8th Street Deck 659 N. 8th St.
A Lot 15th & Franklin St.
Biotech Deck 600 E Jackson St.
Coliseum Deck 501 N. 7th St.
Colonial Deck 14th & Cary St.
D Deck 515 N.13th St.
F Lot 1008 E. Clay St.
G Lot 513 N. 11th St.
H Deck 7th & Franklin St.
I Lot 800 N. 7th St. N/A
J Lot 1008 E. Clay St.
K Deck 311 North 7th Street
L Lot (Larrick Center) 800 E. Duval St.
M Lot 501 S. 14th Street D Deck
N Deck 615 N. 10th St.
One Cap. Sq. Deck 801 East Franklin Street
P Lot 400 N. 11th Street
PA Deck 13 N. 5th St
PD Lot 3rd & Marshall
Q Lot 600 N. 10th St.
R Lot 508 S. 14th Street 8th Street Deck
RMA 107 N. 2nd St.
RTD Deck 300 East Franklin Street
RTD Lot 400 East Franklin Street
S Deck 5th & Marshall Streets
SF Deck 2nd and Franklin
T Lot 810 E Leigh St
W Deck 1 N. 14th Street
Y Lot 909 Oliver Hill Way
Z Lot 1070 Oliver Hill Way

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